Nothing worse than a bully one who has power over you
Such as a bully boss i have worked for two
They did make me sweat hard for my every pay
Though with them mine was not a very long stay

Yes in their employment mine not a long spell
Since they did not treat their employees well
For anyone with a bully boss i do feel sympathy
As such people do sadly lack in empathy

There are all sorts of bullies and it does seem to me
That the Human World of them will never be free
To say some are born to be bullies would not be telling a lie
Their sort does start war where many are injured and die

Bullies abuse power in the worst possible way
I did have two as bosses but mine with them was a short stay
Of my time in their employment no happy stories to tell
And to them i do dedicate this doggerel.

by Francis Duggan

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