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Bullies Poem
NLS Naomi Louise Short (22/03/98 / Cardiff)

Bullies Poem

Bullies, Bullies wake up inside,
what would you do if your victim decided to die?
You don't understand the pain that you cause,
don't you know it can get you in trouble with the law?

The punches, the looks, the things that you say,
they're all apart of bullying and have their own way.
The people you bully PRETEND to be ok,
but deep down inside all they want to do is hide and cry.

The words that you say is like scars on their heart! ,
this sounds absurd to you,
but it makes people feel torn apart.

Bullies, Bullies wake up inside,
What would you do if your victim decided to die?

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Comments (2)

Dear Naomi, You are such an inspiration to others and too, at a young age. You show such strength and appear to take what is thrown at you with an amazing guard. These words could be distributed to schools. Possibly you are still a student? You have addressed a disturbing subject beautifully. Thank you for your notes.
BRAVA Naomi! è questo il modo migliore di dimostrare a quelle miserabili persone quanto tu vali = this is the best way to demonstrate to those miserable people what you're worth.. Quoting Emily Dickinson: We never know how high we are / Till we are asked to rise.. that is when we are called to overcome something bad (especially) . Thus, be sure: You are a giant! Thanks for sharing and.. keep on writing! greetings from Italy