KW (20/04/96 / America, Sandiago, California BUT i live in scotland)

Bullies? Who Are They?

Bullies are people who don't care
They think there all perfect
when they wedgie your underwear!

Don't be Afraid To Stand Up!
Don't hide and sit in a corner in fear!
Because There is a whole Bunch of Darkness
When You Cry a tiny little tear

Sadness is another story
Its a feeling that hurts inside
Something that You Can't Run Away From!
but it's something you can find.

You feel like your unwanted
Like nobody cares!
you are frightened, just like when you are haunted

Bullies? Who are they?
They are just other people who feel the same way
Even though you've done nothing wrong
they still act the same today

Even though you try and try
nothing seems to work!
you probably will get so frustrated!
and you know that they are just 1 whole jurk
you still feel like your hated! (i bet)

This is a poem.
A Poem about me!
i try to sort everything out!
they even do it to my whole family

We are Proud!
Proud to be Americans!
i think that's why we are getting bullied!

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