MA (March 27,1951 / India)

& Bulls And Bears

Markets crashed
Hopes dashed
Brokers lashed
Doctors cashed
traders bashed
Overnight bankrupt
Shutters shut
Investors harassed
Analysts embarrassed
Govt. appeals
Don’t desperate feel
Markets volatile
Remain agile
Strong fundamentals
Good long term potential
Global concerns
Markets govern
Recession- sub prime crisis
Inflation-sky high prices
Bears overpower
Bulls run for cover
Bears or bulls
Markets pulls
Smart picks
Take risks
I f you are Weak hearted
Stay away from the markets.

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well said...............
excellent mamta --excellent! ! ! ! ! i will run to you for investment guides-- to hell with those Relationship Managers.-- they know nothing you are the expert on the stock market. +++++++++10 regards anjali
A poem with the right advice! This bear and bull philosophy is certainly beyond me! - Raj Nandy
remember, i told you early this month...
Lovely.Undoubtedly a lovely market? ..nooo10+++