Poem By Iwan Bedford

She sits in the corner, all on her own;
Nobody to talk to, always alone,
She cries in the night, as she lays in her bed;
The cruel things they say, repeat in her head.

She looks in the mirror, her soul has been broken;
Scars on her arms, and her words were never spoken,
Tears run down her face, filling up her eyes;
People in school, spreading those lies.

She grabs a rope and begins to cry;
Her heart starts beating, she wants to die,
“Just ignore them, they’ll stop” rings through her head,
But it’s too late, she’s already dead.

The pain was too much, people start crying;
The innocent girl, just stopped trying,
Her family left completely split,
Candles in her funeral, soon to be lit.

Before you judge someone on their size or their clothes,
Their walk, their talk, their laugh or their nose,
Just stop for a second, and make someone smile,
You might just make their day worth while.

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