Bully Dave And Quiet Jim

Billy Dave is in hospital last night he came out second best in a pub fight
Quiet Jim faster than him with his hands he hit him with a left and a hard right
Leaving him with a broken jaw and some teeth missing and looking quite a sorry sight
And news that the bully got his come uppance was received by some with delight

Quiet Jim is not an aggressive type of person and to many he is a good friend
But he is not the type of person to pick on for himself he is quite able for to defend
Bully Dave who had won a few bar brawls picked on one with stronger fist power than him
He punched in the face the wrong person he will never again pick on Jim

A lesson here for every bully you may be broad shouldered sturdy and tall
But eventually you will receive your come uppance the biggest and strongest eventually does fall
There is always one stronger and better as last night Bully Dave found out
This morning in hospital his jaw it is aching and he has a very sore mouth

Every bully receive their come uppance and Bully Dave he is suffering today
For everyone in life there are some lessons But for our life lessons some price we does pay
Bully Dave's injuries are not life threatening but he will be quiet for awhile
And everyone that he has bullied today can afford for to smile.

by Francis Duggan

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