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KCJ K C Jackson (12th June 1984 / Norwich, England)


Stab me deeper; go on, deeper.
Let me feel the cold, ice-rush of steel in my chest.
Constantly shitting on me as you toss your fag butt
lit, in my face.
Slice me.
Take me apart.
Do you feel that you have power? You do, so feel it.
Run that blade through my skin as if it were a plough,
watch the red clay rise from the white clay ground.
You will never fear me, but I will always fear you.
Or maybe your superiority, your fighting talents.
Or maybe just your blade, without which you are zero.
One day I will get the chance to rip you apart;
feed from your pain and I can rejoice.
You suffer for once, not me.
It's just a dream. No substance, you feel no pain.
But I wish,
I wish just for once you would.

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