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(bullying) Speak Up!

What makes us different?
The colour of your hair,
Your music,
Your friends,
No one has the right to define us
Everythings a mess,
Your picked on for being different,
Nothing or no one can make you unhappy with out your consent,
No one has the right to judge,
Or abuse you in anyway its not their right,
So think of yourself as unique,
One of a kind,
Be proud of that- speak up
Tell someone you have a right,
Don't let them take away that right...

by Kim Bradley

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kim I wish I could have done that when I was a kid but that was 50 years ago your poem is great it should be posted in every school. if you get time read my poem Tormented it will show you what I went through your poem scores 10 from me cheers Sylvie