CB (saturday 7th of august 1993 / birmingham)


Here comes the ugly one
Looking sad and wearing black
Those stupid fuc*ing preps all laugh
Because she looks so fat

Trying to ignore the comments
She walks, looking at the floor
Since she doesn't say a word
They shout more ugly words

The jocks throw their footballs at her
And the anorexic sluts just laugh
She's teased in science, she teased in p.e
She's even teased in math

Everyday, the same routine,
She runs into her room and cries
She thinks that no one cares
If she just curled up and died

Then one day after normal teasing,
She finally had enough
She couldn't handle all their teasing
And other stupid stuff

She grabbed some lipstick
and put it on her lips
She grabbed her long black skirt
And then started to rip

At the corner of her eye
She spotted a pointy blade
She slashed her wrists until
Her vision started to fade

Suddenly, she fell
Colapsing on a towel
The words carved in her wrists read,
Am I Pretty Now?

by cherry brown

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Comments (2)

Very impressive. I was drawn into this one more and more. It grew as I read then whacked me at the end.
Written with insight but oh, so sad. Lots of it about unfortunately.....well written Cherry. Love, Fran xx