Bumble Bee And Rabbitt Lee

"What are you doing?" says Bumble Bee
"Playing with a daisy." replies Rabbitt Lee Says Bumble Bee, "Can I sit on the daisy flower soft
To eat nectar and then take off?" Rabbitt Lee grins and his eyes do sparkle
As he lay in the clover with a lazy chuckle
"First show me how you can fly so far
When your body is so big, and your wings so short." "No problem," says Bumble Bee to Rabbitt Lee
And he flew away as fast as he could flee. Ha ha, I'll finish counting the stems of "I love you" daisy, and then
Hop away, to enjoy the sun, chomp my carrot, and have my fun.
As he sat down to count the daisy, He yelled OWWW,
And began running crazy. Bumble Bee says with a rolling laugh
I didn't give him time for a heavy "SAT."

by Margaret Nuner

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