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Bumped And Grind
( / Connecticut)

Bumped And Grind

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

'What is the matter with you?
Why are you crying? '

The longer I listen to you,
The more I wish...
I was on stronger medication.
I had a preference to numb my head,
With the drinking of alcohol...
Over allowing my mind,
To be bumped and grind...
On a daily basis!

The more I see your eyes roll up,
With fresh creations of lies to tell.
The more I sit and wish...
Your lips would come together.
And a silence I once knew well.
Would come to pay me a prolonged visit!

I ask myself!
Why does anyone believe,
That the creation of more lies...
Should excite anyone listening with a consciousness.
Especially when it is known,
That people who do this...
Do their best to convince,
Floors made to be walked upon...
Are not for that!
That's what the ceiling is made for!

Please let me not catch You on vacation.
And help me,
Dear Father...
To become invisible please.

Have I committed treason?
Or plagued humanity with a global disease?
I've done none of these, My Father!

Please allow the babbling I hear constantly,
To drift away from my consciousness.
And from it I am peacefully freed...
From the sound of these flapping lips!
What have I done to deserve any of this?

I only teased to strip,
And run butt naked in the streets.
My Father...
If You give me a sign,
I would not hesitate to do this one bit!
If THIS is Your wish...
Let that now be known!

'Do you want me to leave?
Is that what you're saying? '


'Do you want me to leave?
Is that what you're saying? '

Father God...?

'Do you? Do You?

Where are you in my hour of need?

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