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Bumper Crushers
( / Connecticut)

Bumper Crushers

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Bumper crushers.
Spoiled smotherers of comforts all.
Degreed in nonsense.
And graduates,
Of quickened fixes dispensed to get.

Rushing through life texting dreams.
Speeding in multiple directions.
With eyes mesmerized,
On what appears on cellphone screens.
Without direction or insight.
Whether forward, left...
Or to the right.

Bumper crushers!
Sitting on their bottoms.
And promises they don't get.
Hitting brick walls.
Stalling their own progress.
To then create childish lies.
Defending preventable wrecks caused,
Ruining their own lives.
Now in the midst of conflicts started
Unified by denial.
And taught to coast on alibis.

Expecting to be saved,
From a life that throws them curves.
These bumper crushers hit,
Nerves they don't admit.
To then wish to be served,
Unearned or deserved...

Bumper crushers!
Blaming what they've done on others.
And allowed,
To have a heat emerge.

These bumper crushers,
Smotherers of comforts all.
Have stalled a progress.
That has hit a wall!

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