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Bumps And Bruises
( / Connecticut)

Bumps And Bruises

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

If one wishes to build a home,
But does not command the expertise...
An architect is consulted.
If expenses are there.
And a success one seeks...
Has a better chance,
To achieve completion!
Although one may decide,
To do everything that needs to be done.
The process is much slower.
But a wealth of knowledge is obtained!

If one without experience wishes to drive,
Lessons are learned...
And if one survives through impatience,
That wish to drive is a dream that comes alive.

If one wants to write, skydive or fly a kite...
That has to be done.
Although I admit,
There are some lessons that may come.
Like having an accident...
Makes one a better driver, a skydiver or a kite flyer!
If one survives the humiliation,
Of those observing attempts made of one,
Not yet at one's best!
And one is not yet attempting to win first place,
Upon entering one's initial race or contest!

And getting better at it will come,
If desire over-rides any criticisms heard!
To allow feelings to mend.
Once bandages are removed!
And 'that' experience one needs then begins!
With some bumps and bruises remembered.

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