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Bungling Boggles

Bungling Boggles

I still sit here each night and reflect.
Then write a few words with the utmost respect.
You see It just boggles my mind,
that here I am rhyming with time.
If you knew me 30 years ago.
It would be the farthest from the truth to be told.
English was not my forte you see.
I had to be tutored to just get a 'C'.
And when it can time to speak what I wrote,
the bungling words just stuck in my throat.
Still to this day it's hard to 'say' what I mean.
It boggles my mind that I can pen with esteem.

10 May 2007

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You definitely are an excellent poet JoJo, many of us find it easier to voice our beautiful words on paper rather than speak them. Thankyou JoJo--Melvina--
You are now a master crafter. Well penned.