Bunjil The God Of The Kooris

Bunjil the God of the Kooris the land known as Victoria today
As the creator of the people, the flora and fauna, the mountains and rivers homage to him they did pay
To white fellows God not that very different since they too believed Bunjil created everything
In their corroborees and song sessions the praises of Bunjil they did sing
In their beliefs Bunjil was reborn as an eagle a monarch of the southern sky
Above the great land he created he watches over as he fly
The Dreamtime Kooris had their God in Bunjil it is each to their own beliefs as they say
To Victoria's first people Bunjil was no less a God than the Gods many nowadays kneel to and pray
In the Bunjil Cave in Pomonal near the Geriwerd Ranges in Victoria the rock art of Bunjil to be seen
Art that has outlived many centuries to tell of where a God had been
The legend of Bunjil is living and will live on forever more
For as long as the creeks and the rivers do flow to the far ocean shore
Bunjil the God of the Kooris the eagle of the southern sky
Above the Country he created he keeps a watch on as he fly.

by Francis Duggan

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