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Bunny Slippers (Tm) (For Will)

Bunny slippers,
Bunny slippers,
Pitter patter feet,
Running down the hallway,
Seeing who they meet.

Bunny slippers,
Bunny slippers,
Running all night long,
Curious feet,
Can really do no wrong.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (4)

Great Fun here, top marks a ten for the laughs, Love duncan X
Did you know that for every pair of Rabbit Slippers, two (2) Bunnies (TM, TM) die horrible deaths? ? Thanks for the gruesome idea! I may steal it. - xx Will
Ahh, this is so cute---I like it---I wonder what Will thinks.--Melvina
bunny slippers following in bunny's footsteps