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Buoyancy Of Light And Sound

Euterpe - the Muse, my Queen
The keen Earseize your crystal echo ting
Ensemble diamond filigreewill sing-
The Verity my heart intone-
Each beat a verse -I'm not alone
Harmony celestialmundane and eternal
Conquer my inner times and space,
In intricate and floridsolar sound of lace-
Cleft,note, line, spaces, Eutepe's footfalls,
The Weaver sonant in patterns shiny intricateand tender
Evolve the tiptoe golden ray of wisdom love and art-
The whirlwind sheen -hands of Muse's love embrace and kiss
The poet in distress in lands ofvulgarity bread crumbs lender
Its hiss and constant clamor cease...
Ark of heaven in me that is-
Dreaming of buoyancy ofLight and Sound to sail the Sea
of complete solitude.

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