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Burden On My Soul
AKT (8-3-68 / Memphis, Tn.)

Burden On My Soul

Poem By Allen Keith Turner

I could wait for you forever,
But I would end up waiting forever.
I could love you for all eternity,
But I would never know if you love me.
I could reach out to you everyday,
But I never know if you reach my way.
It's obvious, I care more than you,
I try to show it, you never do.
If I'm not the person, you want me to be,
Won't you let me go & set me free.
Not knowing how you feel about me,
Consumes my thoughts & all my energy.
If you can't find a place in your heart,
Maybe our lives would be better apart.
I don't know why you just don't care,
I can only guess, because I was never there.
I try to tell you, but you don't want to hear.
I was forced to stay away, never let near.
You punish me for something beyond my control.
Please understand that & lift this Burden off my Soul! ! !

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