Bureaucracies Rule The World

Bureaucracies rule the world they tell Governments what to do
And at the expense of the many they favour the privileged few
And Government for the wealthy only the catch cry of the day
And the rich keep getting richer though 'tis always been that way.

The social gap keeps on widening we have never had more poor
And for the escalating World poverty conservative Governments do not seek a cure
It always was and is still only hearsay this thing called a fair go for all
In the sad lives of the have nots only sadness to recall.

In a World of so much poverty it does seem an awful shame
That those with the power of money can buy their ticket to fame
In an egalatarian World things would never be this way
And polarization has never been more rampant despite what some might say.

In wars and droughts and famines the wealthy never die
And that one's destiny is in their own hands is a Bureaucratic lie
Spread around by the arms tycoons who on the poor inflict pain
Who support wars for selfish reasons for their own financial gain.

Bureaucracies rule the World they have such an ugly face
And the betterment of humankind is a thing they don't embrace
And the poor keep getting poorer in their suburbs of decay
And for the good lives of the privileged few the many have to pay.

by Francis Duggan

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