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WAD (April 2,1982 / Riyadh K.S.A)


How long will you have to wait?
I’ll tell you how long.
About as long as
the time between when the dentist tells you that you won’t feel a thing,
before he yanks out your tooth violently.
the time you spend in the hospital corridor waiting for the doctor,
to tell your wife and the baby is fine.
the time you sit staring at the secretary of the big shot executive,
who’s about to give you your big break.
the time you lay on the ground, bleeding through your chest and arms,
waiting for the medic to rush to your aid.
the time you were on your knees with a diamond ring in your hand,
as your girlfriend pondered on her answer.
the time you slept in the back of your broken down van parked,
in front of a gas station that’ll open the next day.
the time you almost crapped in your pants while waiting in line,
the longest line at a finals basketball game.
the time you were starving beyond belief and had found yourself at a diner,
with the oldest and slowest waitresses alive.
How long will you have to wait?
That’s how long.

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