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Buried In The Concrete

Swallow your opportunity with a fake smile
Cry on his shoulder when i want to apologize
Hes walking my shoes but still hes missing that mile
You scream, urge for me, but swallow me with your lies

All the road signs point directly to you
But im lost as you come to a dead end
You point to another direction leaving the love we once knew
A novel way of solving the problem leading me to your friend

It never felt this good to see you so down
The tears are falling from your closed eyes
I am not the reason that we drown
Just a mere memory hanging in the skies

Hate is the title of this book
Love was just the short story
The story of us gone with a look
Along with our hearts and glory

Take your drinks and make your mistakes
Your just a hypocrit for the good boys
Boys surrendered to your wants and decoys
I laugh inside watching you drown, your emotion breaks

I'm not running away anymore im standing ground
Goodbye as you cut my cords and heart with deceit
I'm free at last floating with a smile that will astound
Astound you with a look that will get buried with him in the concrete.....

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