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Buried In The Sand
( / Connecticut)

Buried In The Sand

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Accepting what another says.
Who continues to undermine,
What others do.
Seems to seek approval,
As if they had live a life...
To experience it done,
Better than others...
Not heard to brag about.
Things they have done.

Could provide the proof.
Whenever asked to.
But few will ask,
Why someone who belittles to demean...
Others to do this done.
With this to wish they can be seen,
Less deserving...
Of their earned accomplishments.
Or not being true to their identity.

"Why is it,
You always have something negative to say...
About others who manage to succeed.
And through dire circumstances.
When you have no history,
Of enduring through personal struggles.
Real and believed."

-Oh yeah?
I have lived my life...
Being 'down to Earth'.
Not trying to pretend.

"I see.
And it amazes me,
How you can still breathe.
With your head buried in the sand! "

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