How The Poem Is Treated By You

My instruction is very simple
Take the poem and read it
Casually in your room, do not
Force yourself to understand it
Just read it and tell me what
You feel,
Be kind to the poem
Like inviting it for tea
With just the two of you
As you sip
Let the poem drift like
A cloud and let it take
Its shape
Be compassionate to the poem
Let is cry for itself
If it settles for tears
And all you can do is
Just wipe its face
With your handkerchief

But you are cruel and so
Indifferent, you slap the
Poem with your right hand
And tell it straight
That you do not like it
That way it has successfully
Puzzled you
Then you leave the poem in
The rest room
It feels that it is a tissue
Paper fit for something
So ordinary waiting for
What others usually do
Wipe their anus after
A poo.


Comments (4)

superb poetic expression- Valentine, oh Valentine, simply divine sink in water, drown forever for a mermaid in beauty you are but I buried my September in your arms once last time; ..//
I see into the flames of darkness. A brilliant poem of a magnificent poet. Bravo! !
Strong poem with profound metaphors, of love and last love.
I... I get lost in the passionate words you use when writing poetry. I have loved every single one of the poems I read from you so far, and I am pretty sure that's how it is always going to be. You are totally incredible, fantastic, talented, gifted, passionate, brilliant, magnificent... This is what should really be called poetry :)