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Burj Khalifa
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Burj Khalifa

A tower reaching for the sky
The tallest in the world they say.
The tiny country of Dubai
is very proud they can display

A master piece in steel and glass
A building that must be world class
A tower meant to demonstrate
the power of this little State.

Luxury writ unashamed
Which some think can be blamed
for wrecking the economy.
Which could be true quite possibly.

Dubai is asking time to pay
the debts incurred along the way
It could be that they aimed to high
and now they’re forced to question why.

The Tower of Babel was destroyed.
They say because God was annoyed
at the arrogance of men.
Dubai has dared to try again.

Wednesday,06 January 2010
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