Burma War

my great-granddad and granddad
fought in first and second war
great-granddad fought in Trinidad
and me granddad on Burma shore

the heat of the jungle intense
fighting alongside the Gurkha's
they never sit upon the fence
nor drove around in Sherpa's

it was all done on horseback
galloping around the forest's
no-one dared to even slack
as in there camps malnourished

Gurkha's were really tough
chopped off thumbs and ears
proving that they did not bluff
there payment went on cheers

through forest those brave men
won that war that time forgot
so now we must say Amen
as out there it was hot

by Lee Fones

Comments (2)

An informative poem on war experience and really it is very tough theme thank you
very well written on a difficult topic