A mind that cannot be silent, fused between emotions
Of a heart that cannot ever be still without devotions
From the pieces so far collected, of myself obliterated
By the selfish act of another who left me so devastated

As the face turns to the future untold and so uncertain
From behind I see the views of a reality close a curtain
And bathe me in the darkness I feel most at home inside
As so everlasting silence is the one, I am told to confide

Slowly I feel the air, refill my lungs as you drift away
And create a new reality and look toward another day
As your blindness becomes my vision for new strength
Traveller is born within, as I shall sail this world’s length

Weary and tired I seek the last amount to walk forward
As I face the realities of my life without you; you coward
Bleeding now has stopped from my heart is now mending
The breaking of this heart like flood waters is subsiding

So much beauty realised into the void that once was here
Before I was torn and forgotten, left to dwell in such fear
Conjuring of words comes to the lips of the ever so true
Speak the words I need to hear and raise me from the blue

Broken and destroyed was a moment back then in time
Before an unleashing of your disrespectful hurtful crime
Inside so much stronger I have now become before you
Your flagrant memories try to deny what was once true

Seek darkness in me to illuminate by the highest flames
And engulfed by the fire of my passion to your frames
False lies and character, in the fire I shall see your face
I begin to slowly burn every memory of your cruel grace

by Vision Ghost

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keep burning, you write to well to burn out
Love is such a crime.