I burn into ashes from your hurtful words
Everything you said blinded me
I have to burn myself to numb the pain
Bursting into flames
I just can't take this anymore
Please go away
I need to the pain you caused me

Everything is burning with hate
No one knows the pain
Burning my ashes
I'll never get away from the pain

I have realized it's not you that needs to go away
It's me
I need to burn and die
I just need to ask you one question
Before i go
Did you ever love me?

by Brandi Young

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Oh wow Brandi, The emotional content of this poem is awesome as it drew me into you as I felt the message clearly. I really adore you for creating such a poem of reality for so many and done so beautifully. Now, I want to Thank You for sharing your glowing gift of poetry with all of us and especially for giving us a little of you. As I close this comment I want to ask that you please never consider placing your poetic pen down because your words of poetry would be dearly missed causing many to bear a frown. Your Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)