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honey did you say your prayers tonight
and did you think he heard you
and will he make it right for us
but either way darling
where leaving in the first light
where gonna catch that grey hound bus
cause if we stay here darling will only get burn
now where going to the coast somewhere out west
we will take along the holy ghost he is the only faith we have left
now laid real close darling because the night getting cold
will sleep in this old beat up old chevy and don't worry darling
i got my daddy's gun in case some fool get in our way
now darling don't cry just dry your eyes
i found me a job on the edge of town
and this guy i work for has a home for us
and all i have to do is take this package on down and leave it
so give me a kiss share a hug i will be back tonight
and in the morning i promise you i will make it right to you
now close your eyes darling and dream for me that where walking
in the promise land, hand in hand, with our little girl in the stroller
the only thing that's right in our world,
but if we would of stay there darling we would of only gotten burn,

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