Poem By Seán O Muiríosa

My hand shakes and quivers a bit
At times of importance, times of joviality.
My face burns like the ring of a hob,
My hands slide like melting plastic.

And the head is adrift, treacherously,
A lost ship close to jagged rocks.
The mind’s on the island asking why
The warning sign is always burning in the sky.

Comments about Burn

Sean, Disregard my threatening message. (Oops!) I'm happy to see you back in action!
Devious & spectacular. So current, relevant. This is why i continue to read poetry over song lyrics. Your writing, Seán, keep on. care, sjg
Very good work Nicely written

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Twinkling lanterns shone high
In the Johnstown night sky

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I visited your grey face today.
Your not well, old friend, not well.
They say it’s spreading swiftly
Through your every curve and bend,

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even as the mangled jade ivy clung and grasped
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A Night Of Shards, Debs 2006

I couldn’t face it
That room a mist
With you two its axel
My friends your cogs


Tonight the sky is yours.
I dedicate it to you in all its awe.
It’s so colourful, a promise
of things to come perhaps,