TV (29/07/92 / Coventry)

Burneth The Trees

Burn them, torch them, bring them down,
Raise their towering might to the ground,
Prove once more that we are superior over nature,
For purpose, none.

Cut down their elegant might,
Strip off their skin and create furniture from their insides,
Desecrate their ancient woven frames,
What reward, a chair and table set.

What right have we to destroy something so old,
We claim ownership of land to which we have claim none,
We rape and pillage to improve our way of life,
But what does it really mean for everything else?

Have not the living inhabitants of this place got claim,
Should they not be given a say,
A shame, a heartless man would reason,
They cannot speak, they have no claim.

This should not be a barrier between our world and theirs,
We should use our imagination to make their claim,
We must think of other things,
Before we act with such haste.

Still, we will not think twice about such things,
If a tree is in the way we will cut it down,
It is man’s way of life,
I have no reason that suspect that will change.

by Thomas Vaudin

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