You Found A Way To My Heart

You make me see there is more to sex and is love
You get to see who I am and get to know me
I laugh so hard that I can't stop smiling afterward
You found a way to my heart
It's making me laugh, smile, and be happy again
There is no one can't compared to you
When I first met you, you took my breath away
I couldn't talk and I have butterflies
I found out you are one of the sweetest person you can be
I see you want to show me how much you like me
I like you the way you like me in romantic way
I was blind not to see what is right in front of me
I am sorry for missing out what could been the best relationship I ever had
You don't even have to tried hard because
You find a way to my heart
From moment you be who you are, talk, and smile,
I can't help to get to know you little by little
It great to found someone who gets you and understand where you come from
We have so much in common and its makes me blush and smile even more
I picture how we could be perfect couple without even trying
When I left and walking away from all this great moment, its hurt so much inside
I haven't cried this much about someone who I truly care about
It brought me tears of not seeing you, hear your voice, or making me laugh
I want to know what is future holding for me
I see you and only you in my eyes and my future
You are the only one to see who Christina is and
You find a way to my heart

by Christina Phan

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