CT (May 25th,1995 / )

Burning Away

Am I the destined one, the chosen son
is it my lot in life to be stepped on
trampled like worms in the dirt
mislead and misguided, how have I turned venomous
Like a snake's skin, I have so much anger to shed
let me bite the source of your veins so my words can sink in
but I don't know where to strike first
Like a bat, I'm blind, blind and naive
Why have I failed to see, comprehend
the most precious gift the world gave to me
transforms into cinders, shedding beauty
giving way to this hideous beast
I have the Midas touch alright, only in reverse
I can't describe what I mean, the irony
How would you feel if the one person that made you feel so alive
now makes you so collapsed on the inside
knowing they're the one you now despise
Am I the only one who sees question marks hanging in the air
a comedic effect for cartoons
but isn't this reality, short of jokes and one liners
short of puns and witty commentary
which explains why I'm lost
fading into the distance wondering if...
How could I have been so closed, narrow minded
to think there was something in my past, second chances amiss
Something warned me this would all break down
yet tore off my ears and sown my mouth shut
letting it fall
Something told to me to tell the world to back off
let me handle this on my own
let me burn into cinders instead
turn into ashes in the wind
let this fade into the background
but there's that image in the background of my mind again
a face to never see again etched in lightning amongst the stars
Her face, her eyes I'll never to try to memorize
nor trace with this pen
no matter how much I loved the spectacle
In silence I revel in the imagery
sending them on a viking boat down the river
while in my heart I know I'll always remember
the tattoo I can never rid myself of
while I know, I'll always be forgotten

by Crow thepoet

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To this hidious beast! Thanks for sharing.