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Burning Bush

When, as a shepherd, Moses turned,
recovering a straying lamb,
God told him: “My name is ‘I Am, ’”
the God within the bush that burned,
but strangely did not seem to be
consumed. He merely saw a flame,
and one God had declared his name
he was determine fast to flee.

“I don’t know what these words may mean, ”
he told God, being more concerned
about the lamb, for he had learned
to mistrust many sights he’d seen,
but God who’s called “I Am” demanded
that Moses give up tending sheep
and with imagination leap,
and faithfully do as commanded.

“I can’t, ” he said, because his speech
was hard for men to understand,
but God insisted His demand
should be fulfilled, and made him teach
his people all the words He hurled
in thunderbolts in that same spot
where had stood, and heaven-hot,
pass on the words to all the world.

The flames no longer burn or shock
most people who have heard this tale,
and can’t be fanned by men who fail,
to tend as shepherds their frail flock,
although there are deluded men
who stray, believing that they see
in visions far beyond their ken,
from which all men who’re sane should flee.


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nice that is one great poem
Nice write; an enjoyable read; I make mention of the 'Burning Bush' in my own poem entitled: On God's Mountain