TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Burning Bush

His hatred lingers deep in the depths of his soul
A soul supposedly ruled by religion(Christianity)
Where the New Testament teaches peace, love, and unity
He mocks every step that Christ himself took
He's erasing our Judea-Christian laws
He's erasing second chances
He's erasing the progress we have made towards racism
He thinks he's a burning bush that everyone should listen too
but hopefully this bush turns to ashes

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Comments (4)

An interesting write; however, one can never judge God by people's actions (or lack of them) .
Wow, this is a great commentary on the current situation. Great work. Sincerely, mary
Couldn't agree more, Cokbod. If I could have I'd have given this poem a 12. Hugh
I love the title, Cokbod. I love the sentiment. I believe you're right. I also think there's so much more that you could do with this magnificent title. This is an example of how a title can give birth to the poem.