(Ist May 1958 / Abbottabad Pakistan)

Burning Desert

Pain has surpassed pleasure my love in trance
Will I ever be able to take another such chance
As a matter of fact you have taken my life in glance
I don't know to what an extent is valid my stance

Broke in pieces I want to recollect my self my state
Love ia fire which makes charming beauty really great
You reinvigorating beauty is a clean sheet as a clean slate
You are my fortune but being unfortunate I am fyour fate

Bare footed and naked headed in this burning desert
Where life seems to be full of trials and odds to assert
What is this world a panorama, or drama or concert
Where nothing is whatever it is but love is a pure flirt

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan

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