DU (11-18-1987 / Justice, IL)

Burning Desire

Your eyes on fire
I can see the desire
I can't believe
What I see
Is the look
That i took

Staring into me
Seeing the love that i keep
You slide over to me
My hand on your knee
Feeling this feeling
Never known of us
You could feel

The burning desire
In each of us
Our hearts next to each other (chorus)
Burning with desire
Burning Desire

I lift up your chin
Look into your eyes
I begin to lean
And close my eyes
Feeling: (chorus)

Our lips touch
Our faces begin to blush
As this feeling we have
Shining through us
In a way only imagined

My hands through your hair
We take a break for some air
When we touch
Reality seems too much
The Desire we feel
Doesn't seem real (chorus twice)

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