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Burning Down The House
( / Connecticut)

Burning Down The House

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Why are those folks,
Dancing around...
In front of that burning house? "

I don't understand that either.
But those of us watching this,
Have been told they hope...
The distracting of their dancing,
Will prevent anyone from noticing the fire.
Or the house.
If they kept up the dancing.
To perform and entertain,
Anyone left to doubt...
That the house they are burning down,
Is purposely a part of their act.

At least they know what they're doing."

Of course they do.
Who would burn down their own house,
If not to do for a reason.

For the applause.
That one dancing in the middle,
Who brought that big bush...
To dance around it.
Must be the owner of the house? "

Not really.
Just the caretaker given the keys.
But insists this is what had been wanted.
That's why the smile,
On their face is a mile wide.
And loving the approval and attention.

"None of this make sense.
But the performance?
Is guaranteed to get rave reviews."

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