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Burning Down
( / Connecticut)

Burning Down

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

A reluctance to remove,
Petty collected trash...
From a closed closet,
To believe it kept hidden...
Until a need of it,
Is perceived could be used...
As relevant information,
When the time arrives...
Will not prevent the entire house,
From burning down by a heat...
Stored where it shouldn't have been,

Trash should never be kept stored.
Trash to collect,
Does not result in favorable outcomes
For those or anyone trying to hide,
Their junk behind closed...
And closeted doors.

'There's a lot of heat coming out,
In this neighborhood these days! '

-It's better out than kept inside.
Believing it kept hidden.
Anything left to ignite to burn,
Eventually attracts unnecessary...
And unwarranted attention to it.
Getting garbage out in the open,
May stink a little.
But the smell doesn't stay.-

Some folks will allow their junk,
To collect for years.
Just to keep the smell around.
And then to love the odor of it...
Long after the burning down,
Has come to have gone.
Hoping to remain seen but disbelieved
As closeted activists.'

-To deny it like many do.-

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