RD ( / Oakland, California)

Burning Hostility

Out of the innocence of childhood
grows a burning hostility for
The masses who are different...
Who speak a different tongue.
Dare they live and breathe the air
reserved for our exclusive race?
The world's not large enough
to house the human whole.
From heights of superiority
authoritative powers they wield
These great Master of the Earth
the world belongs to them.
Give more concern to the animals
color, origin, and breed ignore...
Love them more than people
who differ in speech and hue.
Red, brown, white, yellow and black
called the colors of man's skin...
Covering similar bodies with
internal organs contained.
Like hearts that beat, the ability
to think and speak; veins that
Bleed, eyes that weep and bodies
that wither and die.
Acts of good and evil are not
performed by any given race.
Nor has the gift of beauty
been denied some race's skin.
Each one lives and each one dies
taking nothing of earthly value,
Death alone becomes the victor
meeting equality in the grave.

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