YSV ( / Wales, UK)

Burning Of Hearts

You caught the clues,
But missed the one piece
Of vital evidence-
The peace you needed to lock me away.
And I am shrouded now
Beneath the streets,
Shielded by the city.
I think you’re dying to know,
But I’m already burning.

This body is all I am,
Severed from Heaven,
A lonely light-seeker,
The light of your life.

Dear Unbeliever,
This refuge is a reality,
The price I pay is worth the cost,
To lie alone and lost
In this paradise.

Oh, apple of my eye-
I spy a worm,
Destroy the barrel-
Family is rotten.
Who has forgotten to water the garden?
A desert lies between us now,
Find me in the mirage,
And I will walk across the sands
To hold your hand again.

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