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Burning Question
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Burning Question

Do you believe there is a God?
and if you do pray tell me why.
Myself I find it rather odd.
I do believe I would reply.

I do believe I have no doubt
Though I cannot prove it’s so.
Despite the stories told about
God. Nobody seems to really know.

If God created man or he
created God so he would be
a whipping boy who we could blame
or pour out blessings on his name.

When everything goes right for us.
Does God exist omnipotent?
And do we make him furious
because we’re always discontent.

And if you do can you explain
why God created bad and good
and why must we experience pain.
You cannot I didn’t think you could.


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Comments (3)

No, just no. Life is a test, god wants to see how we do and we will be rewarded on how we perform. don't be so idiotic. I've been highly offended
Well written. it is a shame there is a need to praise or blame, maybe we are not so importent as we think we are, and should enjoy being just a small part of the whole.after all there are no guarentees that our planet will always be here as we know it.
Interesting thought..... guess it just depends on what you feel.