Burning Soul....

The pain that burns inside,
The nights that I've cried,
Mean nothing to you,
I thought that my dream was true,
The dream that I've always dreamed,
Till I woke up and now i scream,
Scream from the pain that you leave for me,
The pain that you can't even see,
Every things about you though now,
And i just can't understand how,
How you would even care what i think,
I don't..All I am is Wink,
A friend...A buddy...A guy,
All I can ask is why..why..why,
Were more than friends but less than lovers,
For you can't see being more than a friend cause all them covers,
For the world embarrasses you,
Don't even lie I no It's true,
If you could only see my face,
The tears that hit my skin and embrace,
Now i let out this pain from within,
by cutting very small slits into my skin,
Not deep but deep enough to let out the pain,
The pain that sleeps deep within my vein,
Rivers of red ambers leave my temple,
And pour out blood so easy and simple,
Till I can't feel the blade anymore,
And my arm goes numb and sore,
But it would never happen if you only gave me a chance,
But you can't cause your stuck in a trance,
I just want you to know 1 thing,
That I love you more than anything

by david winkler

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