Burning The Cain

In Zud Africa
Along the Zulu Natal Coast
The Cain grows four meters High
Seams to touch the Sky
But when that Cain is Done
It has to be Set on Fire, Burnt

After the sparks have Died
Then the work Starts
Dirty, hard heavy Work
For less than a Dollar a Day
They work there fingers to the Bone
But there not Alone

For this goes on in a lot of Countries
Children, Women and Men
Working hard for Nothing
This is not Right, we could change It
So next time you put a spoon-full of sugar in your Tea
Think hard how it can Be
To get the sugar to you and Me

Sweet Dreams

by David Darbyshire

Comments (4)

thatz a great poem, man, i love it! ...sweet dreamz...
Well done Dave, from now on I will be buying Fair Trade. We all have to take some responsibility, thankyou for reminding us of that. Big hugs Anna xxx
Hi Dave...great poem. i am from 'Zud Africa' and thankfully much has changed since the apartheid government. We now have the Basic Conditions of Employment Act which regulates what the minimum standards of employment should be. Their situation has improved drastically but it is still a very taxing job that hardly pays much. Thanks for bringing this important issue to the fore...we all need to something. Unfortunately we all wait for the elusive 'them' to do it. And when 'they' havent done anything we are all up in arms about 'their' failure....Zainy
Well, that's told me! ! A caring poem, Davey, and I just wish world powers would do more to stop such practices. I could do more to help as well, I guess. Warmly, Gina.