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Burning Tortured Effigies
YSV Your sword vs my pen ( / Wales, UK)

Burning Tortured Effigies

I need time
To count the things that went wrong-
The innocence that once was so strong
Lies tattered-
A white dress,
Covered with mudstains…

Count the dreams-
The ones that never last,
But passed like stars
Into the distance,
Fading into nothing, on the other side
Of the Black Horizon,

With one hand
I count the times you smiled,
Didn’t you hear?
Happiness is back in style,
Every moment of passion-
It is now the fashion to enjoy.

As darkness falls,
The world becomes a tomb,
Memories fade into an empty hell
Of forgotten wounds.
Instead of the sacred, promised sympathy,
They’re burning tortured effigies
of you.

The innocence of crystal,
Once so strong lies
It was just a matter of time
Before bruised and battered,
You fell behind.

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