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*burning What Was*

Last night
{Copyright © 2009 by Ice}
Last time I can remember
I took the keys to this place
I took all my stuff

I lit a match and burned our house.
To ashes, into something I am displeased from
You ran to me.
In detail, your hair blew with the wind.
You took off your sunglasses
You spoke of words I erased from my hearing
Slowly your lips spoke
Not a minute did I waste kissing you.

I didn't care if you were taken
{Copyright © 2009 by Ice}
I didn't care if you didn't like me
You had to know. I was going to love you
I was ready for forever. Too bad it was cut short
of foolish decisions.

Now you know that I loved you.
{Copyright © 2009 by Ice}

by ice johnson

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this is absolute. read 'real'- i loved it.