Burning Words

Every moment
the world wants something new.
Novel evenings
And novel dawns,
Raw days
And fresh nights
Pretentious abjures,
And blatant vows
Novel affinities,
And novel copulations
Novel inclinations,
And new appreciations
Yore myths,
And bygone tales
Isn't what they really admire
Or desire.
This constant grinding of phrases and words
Had me haggard and wearied out
So I wrapped them all so exquisitely
in a finest wrap I could find,
And then threw them all
In the fiery pits of my heart,
Screaming and crying
while burned into ashes
the words called out
from the dancing fires,
While ashes flew higher and higher
what would you do?
What would you do?
How will you express your desires?
Since you're left bare and blank
With only our ashes in hands.
Ashes Oh ashes,
Now fly away there's nothing left to say.
For I've clocked myself into my own

by Faeza gilani

Comments (3)

profoud and meaningful... fresh yet done in the traditional school mode... cd almost see a beaming Ghalib...! ! ! well done here yer ten and cheers too
excellent visual expression of firey language. richard
Your writing is good. The poem is good. Thanks for sharing. Advanced Merry Christmas and a happy new year! If there are poems you want me to read, please tell me anytime. Thanks! Advanced Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!