He was more than a literary man of note
The plowman of Ayrshire was a legendary poet
In Scotland a day for to honor his name
His poems and songs live as a testament to his fame

True greatness of him never could be denied
His songs and poems are sung and read Worldwide
His legend in death only does seem to grow
And his spirit lives on where Afton Waters flow

Through valleys and fields that are old in time
That Burns did glorify in song and rhyme
He did not live to grow old he died rather young
With his best poem unwritten and his best songs unsung

The National Bard of Scotland but to all he belong
He penned for humanity Worldwide the New Year song
At New Year Auld Lang Syne is sung everywhere
In villages, cities and towns in the big World out there

He lived life to the fullest though he died rather young
He drunk, loved, danced and he laughed and he sung
And though he did not live for to grow old and gray
He wrote the poems and songs that are living today.

by Francis Duggan

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