A Rebus


A bird delicious to the taste,
On which an army once did feast,
Sent by an hand unseen;
A creature of the horned race,
Which Britain's royal standards grace;
A gem of vivid green;


A town of gaiety and sport,
Where beaux and beauteous nymphs resort,
And gallantry doth reign;
A Dardan hero fam'd of old
For youth and beauty, as we're told,
And by a monarch slain;


A peer of popular applause,
Who doth our violated laws,
And grievances proclaim.
Th' initials show a vanquish'd town,
That adds fresh glory and renown
To old Britannia's fame.

by Phillis Wheatley

Comments (4)

Many of us do keep within ourselves the devil soul alive and that itself is is the route case of all evils. That evil finds loop holes in laws and commits nuisances by misrepresenting religious plea and caste and creed.
A heart touching poem...................10
Is it in accordance with the teachings? Teachings of Holy Prophet, Is a fun for you! .........................in the name of religion all the mistakes are doing and will spoil and degrade its ethics, ....cruel...powerful write...
A poem where a man of conscience is reacting against a brutal and heinous deed! Yes, a poet should have the courage to expose the atrocities committed under cover in the name of religion! Kudos, Akhtarji!