Burnt Out Ashes

Poem By Rachel Henley

The mattress we shared, the vessel of our passion.
Our hearts combined in such a lustful fashion.
You placed your wedding ring on the bedside table.
But with out guilty consciences we were both unable.
When you returned home, the lies rolled off your tounge.
With me, we set alight. You soon became young.
She has me by heart, You have me by your finger.
My baby soothes but I crave the lustful stinger.
She became the heiress of my sexual dreams.
But what was us soon became just me.
You told me that the space in your bed was for me.
But your responsibilty was for another, it was he.
I was forced to return to a girl I did not deserve.
She learnt to love her mudane 9 to 5 world.
Yet here I am trying to re-light burnt out ashes.
Anything precious I hold on to soon smashes.

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