I've fallen away from everything I've known,
my tears never cease to flow.
And now I'm in such despair over everything we've lost,
I've fallen now,
I'll never get back up.
I used to be your angel,
the one you loved so much,
and now I'm nothing,
just a girl you used to love.
I don't understand why I continue to be hurt by you,
scorned by your words,
you burnt me through.
And my heart is blackened with flame,
my dreams lost in this smoky haze.
Why must I continue to burn,
shouldn't I be gald to be living,
shouldn't I feel worth?
Yet I don't,
will I ever feel love again,
or is that gone too,
is my hope completley dead?
Turned to ash by all the hurt,
all the tears I have cried,
and all the lies,
and feelings of unwantedness that I hold in my tearing eyes.

by Myranda Strassman

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